Difference with two analyzer

¼­Ã¢¿ø openscw at kornet.net
Wed Sep 15 18:41:58 EST 1999

First of all sorry I'm Korean so I'm short for English.
I've some problem.
I have a Interacoustics MS-25 analyzer .
It is calibrated about  six month ago. One day someone requested to me Who
have researched about fitting for digital hearing aid.
As he wanted  I was tested with a oticon's analoge hearing aid
one time I tested with MS-25 (interacoustics) and the other time I tested
With FONIX-6500.
The result was very amazing.
The difference  two analyzer was about 8~10dB
I don't know Why this gap is exist.
I'm able to  accept about 5dB gap with two analyzer.
but I don't understand about the result.
Anybody Who know about this?
Could you explain?

Thank you.
                                                   From South Korea
openscw at kornet.net

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