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With NOAH, you can measure a client's hearing loss - with audiograms, speech
tests, or loudness scaling, for example - using a tool from one supplier.
The results will then be passed automatically to the common database, for
use by any of several fitting systems from other suppliers. You can use NOAH
to record journal notes regarding the client session. All information is
automatically saved into the client's record, either in NOAH or in a
NOAH-compatible office management system, without any direct action on your

You can find more detailed information, including how to purchase, at the
following direct link

or more general information at

Scott Peterson

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> I am working as an Audiologist. I have original copy of connexx for
> working with Siemens & Rexton Hg. aids.  Do i need to get NOAH? What is
> NOAh is used for? Where can i get one?
> ----Gautam
> ---

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