Old Valve (tube) Deaf-aid sought

Bill J maestro at cix.co.uk
Thu Apr 13 19:10:29 EST 2000

Could anyone spare a working, or nearly-working, vintage Hearing Aid, so 
that I can try to convert it to a Long and Medium Wave radio? We used to 
do that at school in the mid 1950s. 

Batteries not needed; but headband with one or both earpieces working 
needed; also more than half the valves (tubes) need to be OK. 

I could remit cash (US$) to a reasonable sum to include postage to the UK. 

I'm not a collector nor planning to become one, so NOT interested in the 
sort of price a collector might pay for a very good specimen in good 
working order. Looks and condition don't matter for my purpose. 

If anyone else has tried such a daft idea, I'd be glad of advice and 

(Edinburgh, Scotland)

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