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Thank you Karen, your reply seems to be the only reply I recieved
in this newsgroup and alt.support.hearing-loss.

I will summarize:

The solution for me turned out to both the ear molds and the hearing
aids.  The molds I had were soft with a seperate vent canal.  More
like my old molds, my dispenser got me hard acrylic molds with the
vent canal merging into the audo canal.

Using the DigiLifes with my old molds (what I was used to) did
not help though.  It seems the Digilife software interface (Noah
interface?)  was quite limiting in adjusting the left aid to my
complaint.   I'm sure someone more knowledgable than my  dispenser may
have been able to adjust the aid via the software to my complaint.

My dispenser let me try out some DigiFocus aids. With the software's
default programming for my audiogram the left ear sounded pretty good.
Since these sounded nice and the default programming seemed to agree
with my left ear I ordered these.

I realize the DigiFocus is a better aid.  The software interface is
different (better?) than the DigiLife interface though. It allowed my
dispenser to adjust it more easily for my left ear.  So that was
my solution; ear molds much like my old ones and the DigiFocus aids
with a minor adjustment for my left ear (less low freq gain more highs).

Bob Maiello

In article <4434F5D32A13D31194DB00805F719B6F36609C at WELLINGTON2>,
  Karen  Pullar <KP at oticon.co.nz> wrote:
> Dear Bob,
> Your experience with the left aid is consistent with a setting whereby
> input signals are making it saturate, which essentially is like a form
> overloading. Chances are that if your DigiLife has enough power for
soft and
> moderate sounds then it also likely to be sufficient in its maximum
> output, as it has a very similar level of power to the old 440's. It
> definitely needs your dispenser to have a look at it, and perhaps do
> more fine tuning.  It's a bit tricky to propose to your dispenser what
> do, without seeing your audiogram and how the aid has currently been
> configured, as the aid is extremely flexible, and there is actually a
> of two prescriptive rationales available. But following are our
> for him/her to try depending on the type of algorithm selected.
>  - WDRC rationale- increase HF loud gain and set MPO to 0.
>  - MF+ rationale- increase HF (P) a couple of steps
> If fine-tuning of the WDRC is not sufficient, then switching to the
> rationale might provide a little more 'headroom' for those more
> with a linear response.
> Hope that helps,
> best wishes,
> Paul B. Davis PhD, MAudSA (CC) and Dragan Gusatovic, Oticon A/S
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> Subject: Another Digital First Impressions (help)
> I am trialing 2 Oticon DigiLifes BTE. Its only been 12 hours but I
> some advice.
> My background briefly.  I have been wearing hearing aids since age 7,
> first with one in the left ear only.
> Sometime in my teens I started wearing 2.  My audiogram is exactly the
> same for both ears.  In my 30s now, I
> am switching from 2 Oticon Personic 440s (analog) that have been quite
> durable and reliable.  I have worn the
> left one with the volume higher than the right (probably from my
> starting out with one HA in this ear).
> The problem:
> With the new DigiLifes the right one seems fine.  The left one I had
> adjusted; the gain was increase (mainly the high freq) because it
> didn't seem like it was amplifying enough.  The filters (little green
> pieces) in the mold tube were also taken out.  After wearing the
> aids now;  the left aid definitely distorts loud pressure sounds car
> door slamming, clapping, drawer closing).  The right does not exhibit
> this behavior. I know I need to go back to get this adjusted.
> I'm concerned that:
>  a.) The gain is maxed out on this. Perhaps I need an aid with more
> power.
>  b.) That perhaps I should go back to analog aids like I had. (Does
> anyone know if the Oticon Personic 440 has more power than the
> DigiLife?).
> I must say its been quite hard describing how it sounds.  I am going
> back for a "real ear" test that may help my dispenser. Any advice
> be great; I will summarize my experience.
> Bob Maiello
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