Low frequency impact on body

Karen Pullar KP at Oticon.co.nz
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Dear Sandra

I remember similar questions being asked in New Zealand some years ago.
I have e-mailed Art Mines (who was the Charge Audiologist in Invercargill at
the time) your e-mail - see correspondence below.
Art suggests contacting Jeremy Rosser who was involved in this field in New
Zealand before joining cochlear. I have cced him this correspondance, and
trust he will respond if he has anything to add.

Yours sincerely
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Dear Karen,
Ok, here's what i know.  Not much.  There was a plant in Ing'll which
emitted lf noise, neighbours complained; I never saw any pts. as a result
of this.  Much of this preceded my arrival in June 1991.  However,
something came up about this which is vague in my mind, but I clearly
recall discussing this with Jeremy Roaser, who had been involved in
investigating the initial complaint.
His last e-mail address I have is:  jrosser at cochlear.com.au
Take good care - hope this leads you in a good direction,

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Subject: Low frequency impact on body
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 15:14:05 +1200
From: Karen  Pullar <KP at Oticon.co.nz>
To: Art Mines <Art.Mines at ncmail.net>

Hi Art
The e-mail below reminds me of a situation that your were involved in at
Invercargill. Are you able to throw any light onto this?
Best regards
Karen Pullar
Oticon New Zealand Limited

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From: Dan and Sandra Hobson [mailto:huh at netins.net] 
Sent: 6 June 2000 18:46
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Subject: Low frequeny impact on body
I recently had someone come to me requesting literature of what low
frequency probably 20 to 200 HZ below audibility done to the body, i.e.
lack of sleep, heart palpitations, etc.

Also what equipment he would use to record this phenomenon in his house.  I
suggested a low frequency pick-up microphone, oscilloscope with
printer...other ????

He reports that he does not live near a train or airport.  Yet often if a
glass of water is on the table there will be ripples, and other things
will be vibrating like there is an earthquake happening...but we do not have
that many earthquakes here in Iowa.  Other ideas that might be causing this
that he should check out, like mining survey if house was built over old
coal mining area?  He states when this is happening his energy is lower, he
feels weak, and disturbs his sleep at night.  Earplugs don't seem to help.

Your input on this will be greatly appreciated...  Smile, Sandra Hobson,

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