AGC == Frequency Fitting ?

xiaoxianbo xiaoxianbo at
Fri Dec 7 04:32:08 EST 2001

In some paper, authors introduced hearing aid designed with 4
frequency channels or 8 channels , plused different weight
coefficients, to fitting the person's audiogram. I think the purpose
is to keep the sound level in around the Most comfortable level of the
hearing impaired. And I think AGC(Automatic Gain Control) does the
same work, it prevent the sound to be too loud and exceed the ULL, and
make the sound at elevated threshold sounds the same level as normal
hearing person.

Does frequency fitting and AGC the same work?
If a hearing aid device have a good AGC(the coefficients are
time-varying and changes with different input level and frequency), it
needn'a a frequency fitting? Becauce AGC can make the sound
comfortable and audible.

Who can explain the difference between AGC and Frequency fitting to

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