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Davide De Rose dave at
Mon Mar 12 03:33:38 EST 2001


I'm a musician (drummer) that's been dealing with Tinnitus since the age of 16. I got myself some ER-25's musician earplugs about 5 years ago and thought I'd solved everything. I'm now 22 and getting really busy playing all sorts of gigs, finally making a living out of music and after a busy weekend two weeks ago my T is twice as loud as it used to be.
What I'm looking for is for someone to build a earplug for me. Money isn't the issue here!! Whatever it costs!!

My Idea is based on the ER style but what I need is for the mould to contain 2 filters so the music goes through my 25's then through my 15's (or 9's) and then finally to my ear drum thus a reduction of 40db but still using flat filters.

Please help me turn this idea to reality.

Dave De Rose
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