Neurophone - Real or Not???

Tommi tommiwide at
Mon Sep 22 01:30:39 EST 2003

"Radium" <glucegen at> wrote in message
news:pgpmoose.200309151057.15841 at
> I have read about the neurophone which claims to produce auditory
> perception through nerve stimulation. Something to do with electric
> signals of certain frequencies being sensed as sound by the brain.
> Science proves that temporal bone vibration can be used to cause
> auditory pseudohallucinations.
> As far as direct electric nerve stimulation the only sound you could
> possibly hear is the frying of nerves and other tissues by the
> electrically-generated heat. Along with that maybe paralysis,
> numbness, and death. Music is totally out of the question.

So the problem is in the heat generated by electrical components.
I wonder if it'd be possible to use some kind of liquid to cool the
components down..liquid helium, for example.

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