[Audiology] hydrocephalus and hearing loss

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This is very interesting to me as a 44 year old spina bifida patient.  I
also have trouble with background noise, however, my was induced (I think)
after having xylecane (spelling) injected into my cerix for a procedure and
my ears went numb for a couple of minutes.  They told me that the cervix is
highly vascular and that's why this happened, but I clearly have a hearing
loss since that day, and background noise drives me crazy.  What's
interesting is that after meeting with the ENT, my audiogram came back

Please keep me in the loop with your responses.

Kim McNeilly

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I have just read your question about hearing loss and hydrocephalus and
have a question for you.  I have a son who has Spina Bifida and a
shunt for hydrocephalus.  He is now 8 years old and has had 8  revisions
over the years.  His symptoms with the last four have  been severe, meaning
he tells me he has a headache, soon after vomits, and falls  asleep all
within one hour or so, and really is not conscious again until after  they
tap his shunt and operate.  At the age of six, he developed  a
high-frequency sensori-neural hearing loss in his right ear, and now at age
8  has developed almost the same in his left ear.  He tends to hear  fine
with normal conversation, but has more trouble with background noise.   The
ENT we see recommended we see a geneticist, which we are going  to do, but
I always wondered if this could have anything to do with  his shunt and the
many revisions.  Did you ever find an answer to the case  you were asking
about?  Any thoughts you may have would be helpful.   Thank you so much,

Lisa Allyn
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