[Audiology] Re: New Audiologist to the group

ModernMiko modernmiko at NOverizon.net
Sat Dec 31 00:23:18 EST 2005

"SueH" <sue at barbi-jocreations.com> wrote in message 
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> Hello !! My name is Sue and I am new to the group. I currently live in
> NY and work at the local hospital as a per diem audiologist. I
> graduated from Plattsburgh State University and am currently working
> towards my AuD (April 06). I had to leave the profession in 89 due to
> health reasons and have not worked for the past 13 years until this
> past January when I returned. I have much to "catch" up on !! I look
> forward to learning as much as possible.
> Sue H

Welcome - this is a pretty quiet group though... I've been in the field 
since 1994. Trying to get work to help pay for my AuD or else I'll be MS 


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