[Audiology] Re: bicros hearing aids

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Sun Apr 15 05:43:23 EST 2007

David, See if the VA would be willing to fit you with the Phonak BiCROS.
When Telex went out of business around 2000 some of the employees went to
Phonak and some went to Interton. Both developed their own CROS/BiCROS
systems. Phonak actually purchased the technology from Telex and provided
support for Telex products for a couple of years. Interton is the only
company that developed an in-the-ear style transmitter and receiver, but
they have encountered problems in getting it to function well. Gary's advice
to try Unitron is a good suggestion since they are owned by Phonak, the
technology would be similar, but I don't know if Unitron is on the VA
contract, while I know Phonak is.
Best of Luck, DK

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