[Audiology] Re: bi-cross hearing aids

poster from giganews.com via audiolog%40net.bio.net (by poster from giganews.com)
Sun Apr 15 05:50:09 EST 2007

Devi, Many hearing aid manufacturers offer their products as a CROS/BiCROS
configuration with a wire that connects the two instruments. Many times the
hearing aids will need some sort of modification to allow for this. If you
have hearing aids and want to use them as a CROS/BiCROS system, then I would
speak with your hearing professional or the manufacturer of those aids about
any possibilities for them.  If you are looking to purchase a new
CROS/BiCROS system, I would recommend investigating either Phonak or Unitron
as they offer both wired and wireless options for their hearing systems.

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