[Audiology] Re: water resistent BTE hearing aids

poster from giganews.com via audiolog%40net.bio.net (by poster from giganews.com)
Sun Apr 15 06:10:44 EST 2007

Ronnie, waterproof hearing aids are hard to come by. The only company I know
that make waterproof hearing aids is RION. They are Japan's largest hearing
aid manufacturer and make two models of waterproof hearing aids, model#
HB-54 and HB-54AS. I know nothing about these aids other than they are
advertised as waterproof. You can view their web page at
http://www.gncorporation.com/rion/bte.htm. I am assuming from your comments
in your post that your daughter currently wears a very good pair of digital
hearing aids. I do not know what type of digital sound processing
capabilities the RION aids have, but I would strongly suggest that if you
purchase a set of the RIONs, that you only use them for swimming and make
use of your daughter's current hearing instruments for all other
applications.Maybe others in the group know more or have had more experience
with RION instruments.

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