Pre-mix gels

Ken Taylor KTAYLO at
Mon Apr 29 13:11:28 EST 1996

Hi all,
      I've fairly recently joined this group and have come
in towards the end of a discussion of different pre-mixed
gels.  I wonder if some kind soul could give me any details
of Longranger gels, suppliers, recipes, run conditions etc.
I got the impression that this seems to be a promising

I've recently tried National Diagnostics Sequagel pre-
mixes, both 4% and Sequagel XR, on my stretch 373.  Both
seem to give fairly high background fluorescence and as the
template I get generally gives low intensity peaks, I get
poor basecalling.  The data is OK making my own gels
from Sigma 40% ( 19:1 ) stock.

Has anyone else tried these Sequagel products?

Thanks for any help.

Ken Taylor.
Scottish Crop Research Institute, Invergowrie, Dundee.

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