Software choice

Don Seto don at
Sat Aug 10 06:18:22 EST 1996

I have used Sequencher, at several different places with very different 
projects.  This program is very useful, simple-to-use, and 
well-supported.  Being Mac-based and networked, it is especially useful 
for institutions that do not have a dedicated computer support staff.  
For ex., in a pharmaceutical setting, over seventy-five different 
researchers, with different needs and backgrounds, were able to use 
Sequencher to analyze DNA sequences retrieved form a core facility (with 
little training).  I've used this program to assemble cosmid-, plasmid-, 
and gene-sized projects, as well as to align few sequences.  Again, 
GeneCodes is very receptive to suggestions and will respond to questions 
and problems.

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