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>Our IT services will not support Apples at all and can't connect them 
>to our network, so I guess I'm stuck with copying e'gram files onto 
>floppies to move them around - unless anyone knows better. Perhaps 
>Iomega Zip disks???

Perhaps you could convince them to buy you the new "PC" from Apple:
Power Macintosh 7200/120 PC Compatible. You get a full Pentium and a
full PowerPC in the same box. It is great. More info at:
.html. As well as at: There are also other
alternatives from Apple and third parties using Cyrix processors which
are cheaper, both for 486 as well as 586 chips (Orange Micro, DayStar,

Concerning the Zip I would recommend using magneto optical instead,
because media is much more durable (and cheaper!). Unless you do not
mind loosing data from time to time... Olympus has a new one 128/230 Mb
which is very cheap ($199 or so to come out in August). Much better
than Fujitsu.

Usual disclaimers apply.

Hope it helps,

G. Dorado
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