Biomek 2000 protocols

lark lark
Thu Dec 5 17:28:55 EST 1996

Dear Sequencers , 

I am have just received a new Biomek 2000 and am in the processes of 
setting it up and intend doing the optimisation next week . 

I was wondering if anyone had any good protocols for :

ds DNA preps 

ABI dye terminator 1/2 volumne reactions 

ABI dye primer reactions 

If there is anyone out there with hints and tips they would also be 
grately appreciated . 

If you reply to me directly I will summarise and post the results , if 
you have any programs please send them attatched to the email and i will 
work on a way to get them on an FTP site . 

I hope everyone is having fun , 

Yours sincerely , 

David Cain 
Administrator biosci.genome.autosequencing
Lark technologies, Inc
713 464 7488
larkseq at

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