Red Rain

Ken Ken
Tue Dec 17 19:01:23 EST 1996

Hi all,
     at the risk of starting up a whole debate again, I have to 
agree with Houston (I lost the name, sorry).  We don't need damp 
paper towels over gel plates in Scotland either.  It isn't exactly a 
famously arid place, after all.

I've seen most artefacts on 373 gels, but never red rain.  But 
then I've never stripped my plates with any acids, bases or other 
noxious substances.  Only soft tap water, Alconox and distilled water 
to rinse.  I wonder if over zealous cleaning is what causes the gel 
to be prone to lift off the glass?

Nice to know what to look out for now though.

Happy sequencing and a merry christmas to all.

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