Faded/blank regions of ABI377 gels

Matthew Binns mbinns at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Fri Jul 12 17:25:38 EST 1996

We had a problem like this (although it affected one side and the centre 
of the gel). We could see the markers to about 100 bp then the other 
markers were very faint.

 ABI suggested that we check the alignment of the gel plates in the 
machine and to check that the notches on the plates were level. Also that 
the plates were not obstructing the access of the laser to the spacers 
which enable the laser to focus on the gel. On checking we found that we 
had a set of plates where the notches were different heights such that 
they did not sit square in the cassette, and that we also had one 
cassette frame that was not square. Haven't had any problems since we 
fixed these.

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