48cm 377 Gel problems

Macky Edmundson mackyE at qimr.edu.au
Tue Jun 11 00:16:15 EST 1996

Hi ,

Is anyone else having problems with the 377 gel pouring apparatus when 
doing 48cm plates? I cannot seem to get the well former clamped 
properly, though it is fine for 36cm, even when I use the adjusting 
screws on the white plastic backplate. It seems the black plastic top 
of the gel casting frame flexs too much to allow the plates to be 
clamped adequately.

 I am also having lots of problems with wicking, about 1 in 4 gels 
will empty the top buffer chamber before the run ends which means I 
have to baby sit the instrumnet much more than I would like to.

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