opinions on auto sequencers

JENNY CASSADY cassady at biosci.uq.edu.au
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> opinions on auto sequencers
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> Subject: opinions on auto sequencers
> Our lab is considering buying an automated sequencer, and I would like
> users'
> opinions on Licor and Alf sequencers, in comparison to the ABI
> apparatuses. If
> you have either an Alf or a Licor sequencer, can you tell me about the
> merits/faults of each. It would be particularly useful to hear from
> individuals
> who have used more than one kind of sequencer.
> Chris Spolsky
> Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
> 1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
> Philadelphia, PA 19103
> spolsky at say.acnatsci.org
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Hi Chris,

We have used demo models of the ALF sequencer and the Licor 4000LS. We 
have unmodified ABI 373's in our core facility that work very well but 
only generate 400-450 bases of good data. We found the Licor performed 
very well for long reads, generating 850+ bases with 99% accuracy. It 
was reasonably easy to use, but it's through-put cannot compare to the 
ABI machines. It is a lot cheaper than a new 377, though. 
The ALF was not able to compare with either the ABI or Licor in terms 
of length of read or ease of use.
We feel the ABI machines are the easiest to use and their premixed 
Prism kits are very user friendly ( undergraduate classes doing 
automated sequencing pracs can even produce reasonable data ) but the 
Licor machine is a very good 2nd choice machine.

Hope this is of some help,


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