Angela Holiss G-run

Michael C. Gorry mcgorry at
Thu Jun 27 09:38:59 EST 1996

Angela Holliss

We did hit a snag with a run of 21 Gs.  We were unable to
obtain the sequence from the + side and had to wait until
the - side gave it to us. Although we did not put a major
effort into sequencing from here, we did try two things. The
first was designing a primer with one base from the through
side (we got 21G plus one base before the sequence quit)
with 20 Gs. This didn't work.  Altering the salt concentrations
in the reaction did not produce any results either.

I got several responses from people who were also having
this problem but no solutions.

Sorry that I can offer no other help.

Your E-mail address did not come out correctly and this is the
only way that I could figure out to answer your question.


Michael Gorry
mcgorry at

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