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Richard R. Hardy rr_hardy at fccc.edu
Thu Jun 27 10:50:22 EST 1996

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[some comparison between finicky sequencing using different systems deleted]

>I know you cannot beat 1-tube
>reaction for simplicity, but lengthy discussions in this newsgroup about
>multicoloured blobs somewhat mar that picture, don't they? An ABI is 
>nice when it works...

In our experience (about 1000 sequence runs/month, ABI 377 and 373), the
color blobs result from incomplete cleanup after the cycling reaction. 
Cleanup can be either by spin-column or (using the more recent ABI cycle
sequencing kit) precipitation.  The only time we see blobs is occasionally
when the template doesn't generate sequence, so maybe it results from
large amounts of leftover fluorescent components that the standard cleanup
won't remove(?)...
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