Pre-mixed gels

Ken Taylor KTAYLO at
Fri May 3 09:37:46 EST 1996

Greetings fellow sequencers.

Thanks to all who replied to my recent query about pre-
mixed gels, and especially to FMC Bioproducts for their
offer of a free sample of LongRanger.

There was an interesting split in responses from those who
have tried Sequagel products.  While the majority had the
same experience as I did, high background fluorescence,
some people routinely use them.  All the positive responses
were for Sequagel 6, and the people concerned appear to be
running unmodified, non-stretch, 373s.  Those running 48 cm
( 4% ) gels and 377s had the high background problems.

I'll be trying LongRanger and also Amaresco's 29:1
acrylamide, which got a few mentions.

By the way I do quite happily use National Diagnostics pre-
mixed 10X TBE ( yes I am lazy ).  It works well on the same
run conditions as home made and saves small clouds of boric
acid swirling around the balance.

Cheers,  Ken.

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