DNA seq extruding gels #2

Harold G. Hills hhills at iastate.edu
Wed Nov 6 10:55:46 EST 1996

I queried awhile ago about the extruding DNA seq gels.  I got very little
response.  I have located 3 people who have had serious problems.

Laura livingstone at UNC-CH lrl at med.unc.edu is having a serious problem and
has tried the NaOH rinse, the HCl rinse and combinations with no luck.
She's tried new plates etc.

How many people are having this problem and are there reliable solution to
this problem?

Again, please, respond to me directly and not to everyone in the 2 workgroups.


Harold G. Hills, Ph.D., DNA Sequencing Specialist       515 294-9585
1184 Molecular Biology Building                         515 294-1597 FAX
Iowa State University                                   hhills at iastate.edu
Ames, Iowa 50011-3260

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