Windows viewer for ALF, ABI and Li-Cor traces

Dr. Duncan Clark duncan at
Wed Nov 13 11:03:46 EST 1996

Hi Folks,

This was announced on bionet software last Friday.

>Chromas is a free Windows application which displays and prints
>chromatograms from Applied Biosystems automated sequencers. It allows
>editing, searching, reverse complementing and exporting of the
>sequence. You can download it from:


I badgered Conor into adding support for the .SCF format and as of
yesterday the latest version 1.1 will display Li-Cor, ALF and ABI traces
on a PC running either Win95 or Win3.1. I know it works on Li-Cor files
but I haven't an ALF file to test it on but it should be OK. The program
and associated .dll takes up a very small amount of disk space - about

It will also print the traces in colour, just like bona-fide ones, on
non-postscript colour printers ie colour inkjets. 


The problem with being on the cutting edge is that you occasionally get 
sliced from time to time....

Dr. Duncan Clark
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