Jumble Sale of Sequencing Glass Plates

Antonio Antonio
Wed Nov 20 11:32:46 EST 1996

Hi to you all,

We have been reorganizing the lab and we have lots of Sequencing glass
plates in very good condition that we don't use anymore.

We started with an ABI 373 but have progressed to the Stretch, then =
to the
XL upgrade and also we acquired a few months ago an ABI 310 to do all =
Gene Scanning. Thus the 6, 12 and 24 cm. plates are no use to us =

A description of the lot follows:

-	2 sets (plain and notched) of 12 cm. WtoR plates.  One in good
condition, the other chipped but very much usable.

-	3 sets (plain and notched) of 24 cm. WtoR plates or 34 cm. WtoR
plates if you have the Stretch upgrade. 2 sets in good
		condition and one chipped set but as above.

-	1 set (plain and notched) of 6 cm. WtoR plates in good condition.

-	2 x 24 (373) or 34 (373 Stretch) cm. WtoR plates.  One in good
condition the other chipped.

All these items are going for =A31,000 (one thousand pounds, for =
funny e.mail
programs).  This is almost a saving of a third of the retail price.

Best regards


Dr. A.Tarragona-Fiol
The Advanced Biotechnology Centre
The Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School
Room 5L.09
St. Dunstan's Road
London W6 8RF

Tel: 0181-846 1702
Fax: 0181-846 1055
e.mail: t.tarragona at cxwms.ac.uk

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