Green Monster

Patricia Patricia
Fri Nov 22 12:20:05 EST 1996

I experienced this problem when I first started sequencing.  On humid days
in the lab, I was getting impatient with the filled gel plates (they took
forever to dry), and I was spraying ETOH too high up on the plates in an
effort to drive off as much H2O as possible. I would sometimes use almost
0.25 L!!!  Too much ETOH causes a green haze to form over your gel image.
My theory is that if you spray too high, the ETOH vapor "front" goes into
your wells and wreaks green havoc.  Try switching to HPLC-grade 
and/or being careful to spray your plates 1-2 inches below their halfway
points. Your green monster will go away, and when you get in an 
mood, it needn't jeopardize your data.  Good luck!!!


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