software to read ABI trace files under Windows

Shaun Shaun
Mon Nov 25 10:52:44 EST 1996

Hi Brian,

So far people have been giving you info on Web sites for what I =
assume is 
shareware.  Here is some concrete info provided you=92re willing to =
pay for 
it.  I use a program called LaserGene produced by DNAStar.  In =
to being an all around package for DNA and protein sequence analysis =
has the ability to read ABI chromatogram files in its SeqEdit module. =
This part of the program is designed for contig assembly for =
projects.  It will automatically assemble your contig and allow you =
edit it by viewing the chromatograms.  All you have to do is copy the =
files to a disk and the program will be able to read them (this is 
provided you are running a Mac with the ability to recognize PC disks =
if not things are a little more complicated but still possible).  The 
entire analysis package is a little pricey (about $3500 Canadian -- 
that=92s about $100 American) but I think that you can buy individual 
modules so if all you are interested in is sequence editing you may =
able to get the SeqEdit package without all of the other analysis =

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