Green Monster

Susan Susan
Wed Nov 27 08:59:46 EST 1996

We also had a green haze problem for a time.  We not only attributed it
to ETOH being used to dry the plates, but the upper buffer chamber was
only being rinsed with water and not washed properly.  When we started
washing the buffer chamber with soap no more green haze.  We are still
using alcohol to dry the plates.  We've had problems with certain batches
of alcohol.

Happy sequencing

On 20 Nov 1996, it was written:

> I have been sequencing for about 8 months with no real background problems
> once I sorted out the plate cleaning regime, but lately I've seen a
> blotchy green
> haze over the whole gel.  It is not enough to ruin data, but it is
> detrimental.  
> Anyone got any ideas?
> Anthony

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