Ian Ian
Wed Sep 25 05:01:07 EST 1996

Mornin' all

Just a quick question.

I currently store all sequence rxns (cycle sequenced dye terminator ABI
etc) at -70. Now I think I started doing this because, someone probably
told me that the dried down pellet would last longer etc (ie. Upto a 
maybe three).

Obviously what I want to know (I'm trying to get an independent stand 
freezer for the facility) is ......

How does everyone else store their stuff ?

Someone has just told me stuff will last at least 2 weeks at -20.

As an aside (mail me separatley) Hints and Tips for the 377 required. 
run conditions, software etc (I'm getting a new toy soon and would like as
little hassle as possible).

If I get a VERY good response I'll make some sort of FAQ out of the 

Thanks in advance


Ian Ridgers

Dept. of Zoology
The Natural History Museum
Cromwell Rd.
London. SW7 5BD

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Tel. 0171 938 9297

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