Hydra 96 pooling

Quan Quan
Wed Aug 13 10:28:37 EST 1997

is there anyone out there using the hydra 96 pipettor from robbins
scientific to pool their reactions?  specifically i am genotyping
microsatellites and am looking for an alternative for pooling.  we
currently have a biomek performing that operation but things could go a
bit faster with a 96 channel tool.  unfortunately the model i have - the
280 ul volume, does not seem to allow me to aspirate only 2 ul from a
microtiter plate and dispense that same amount of volume.  does anyone
have a suggestion on how i can aspirate only small volumes and recover
the full amount without having to aspirate the whole pcr reaction?



quan nguyen, associate scientist
department of human genetics
glaxo wellcome inc.
5 moore drive
rtp, nc  27709

email:  quan_nguyen at glaxowellcome.com
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