Zero Spacing

Diana Hartley dianah at
Tue Dec 9 04:47:52 EST 1997

Hi All

Our lab has recently had sporadic problems with ZERO SPACING on our 373.  We 
aren't exactly sure where this problem comes from, only that it happens with 
several users sometimes, and with one user never (we have ruled out 
reagents, gel pouring and sample preparation as sources of the problem).  
The gel looks perfect on the screen, but the chromatographs look awful, very 
wavey and un-resolved basecalling.

We have talked to ABI and they seem to think that it is some sort of 
analysis problem.  We have reached a stale-mate in trying to work out what 
the users that have the problem are doing different, and of course, can't 
pinpoint anything.

I was wondering whether anyone else has had this very frustrating problem, 
and has found any solutions.  

Thanks in advance

Diana Hartley
CSIRO Entomology
Canberra, Australia

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