Pharmacia Autosequencer for Sale

Max Max
Fri Jul 18 11:24:47 EST 1997

We have a Pharmacia LKB A.L.F. DNA Sequencer for sale.  Everything is
included:  sequencer, power unit, NEC 466es computer, monitor, HP 7550
Plus Color Plotter, glass plates, software, and manuals.  The A.L.F. has
only been used about ten times and is in perfect condition.  We
originally paid $76,500.  Make an offer.
Max Westerfield
Institute of Biotechnology
University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio
15355 Lambda Drive
San Antonio, Texas  78245
Voice:  (210) 567-7339
Fax:    (210) 567-7247
E-mail: westerfield at

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