377 Collection Software Upgrade

Eugen Eugen
Tue Jul 22 15:03:54 EST 1997

	I got a note today from Perkin-Elmer about the upgrade to version 2.1 of
their collection software.  I followed their instructions for downloading 
installer, but was unable to find anything but .pdf files (acrobat) at the
specified ftp location.  Anyone else have the same problem?
	While we're on the subject, has anyone noticed any unspecified "features"
in this new release?  I recall that when Perkin-Elmer last upgraded the 
software they included the "feature" of allowing only 36 lanes on a 
sample sheet
instead of the original 90-something.  Given this history, I would like 
to know
of any incompatibilities that PE may have engineered into this release to 
people from using extra lanes or third party software.

Eugen Buehler
Arabidopsis thaliana Genome Center
University of Pennsylvania

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