310 injection problems

Agnes Agnes
Tue Jul 22 21:47:31 EST 1997

>Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 08:10:30 +0500
>To:jia.li at net.bio.net, li4153 at duq3.cc.duq.edu
>From:mcbtayhn at nus.sg (Agnes Tay)
>Subject:Re: 310 injection problems
>I'd be interested to know how you finally solve your problem as I have
>encountered a similar one. I run only Genescan and not sequencing on my
>310 but there are days when I get a bunch of failed samples all in a row,
>and reloading same sample works fine.Because the numbers were small (5-10%
>of total samples) we simply re-loaded them.
>Two weeks ago all samples failed and to this day our machine is down
>completely. It's now thought to be a CCD problem but we won't know for
>sure till we get a new CCD in. Maybe you need to get your CCD checked?

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