Vistra Sequencer

Rifat Rifat
Thu Jul 24 14:50:20 EST 1997

Hi I have been using the Vistra Sequencer but it has proven to be
too slow for a highthroughput Sequencing facility. We have 4 ABIs
and the Vistra proven to be too slow to keep up with 4 ABIs.

The problem with the Vistra like the Catalyst is that they are
both single needle robots. If you are doing highthroughput you
want to get the sequences done as soon as possible and not watch
the robot for hours to see it do the sequencing.

After researching the market considerably I found the best robot
to be the Beckman Biomeck because it has the ability to do 8 transfer,
96 transfers and single transfers at any one time. Another factor
is the ability to access their software at a very low level i.e.
the device driver level which allows the person to write in house
software to control the robot.



Cancer Gene Cloning Lab Manager,

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