Sample sheet re-arranger

David David
Thu Jun 5 14:01:26 EST 1997

Dear Sequencers , 

Does anyone have a program or script that takes a list of reactions 
performored in a 96 well format and converts it into the necessary 
loading pattern for the 48 and 64 well gels loaded with a multichannel ? 

This may seem like an odd one to describe so feel free to call me for 
verification , I am not looking for a sample sheet writter ( such as 
Bruce Roe's ( ) ) as the samples are not 
from a shotgun library and do not follow a set pattern . 

I have the feeling that it may be easier just to type the sample sheets 
by hand taking great care but it would be nice to know if someone had a 
neat solution to this problem . 

Thanks in advance , 

David Cain 
Lark Technologies Inc
Tel: 713 464 7488

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