PCR purification

Skip Vaught, Catalina Apostol, Brian Coullahan, and Mark Skip Vaught, Catalina Apostol, Brian Coullahan, and Mark
Wed Jun 11 08:49:45 EST 1997

>Does anyone know of an off the shelf PCR purification method for 96 well
>plates (prior to sequencing).  We're currently using Qiagen columns, which
>although effective, are the rate limiting step when you have 96 samples to
>Jo Daniels
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May I suggest the 96 well PCR purification kit from Advanced Genetic
Technologies Corp. of Gaithersburg MD. USA.  It comes with the wells 
with prehydrated separation resin. You simply spin out the excess 
buffer on a swing out rotor, load, and spin into a 96 well collection
plate. It's, very convenient, fast, and gives a good yield.  We also use
their single load columns to clean up our reaction products for Automated
DNA Sequencing.  Good stuff!

You can reach them by E-mail at: agtc at access.digex.net

Best regards,

Skip Vaught
DNA Sequencing Service
University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona

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