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LHALL at fs1.scg.man.ac.uk LHALL at fs1.scg.man.ac.uk
Wed Jun 11 19:02:26 EST 1997


	I am writing to express an interest in securing a position within one 
of the following settings :

1. A large sequencing group with scope for method development.

2. An industrial company with an interest in developing products for 
automated sequencing.

	At the moment, I independently run ( and also set up ) a DNA sequencing 
core facility at the university of Manchester, England, which utilises 
an ABI PRISM 377 together with peripheral mac work stations for data 
analysis ( principally editing, data base analysis and building contigs 

	As implied, I am singularly responsible for all working aspects of the 
facility, including operation and maintenance of the hardware, 
evaluation and dissemination of user data, advising end users on any 
problems with their data and how these may be overcome, evaluation of 
new products/ methods and conditions of electrophoresis, levying costs 
to ensure the facility pays its way and investing surplus money to 
improve the service, e.g in new hardware and software.

	In concert with others, I also help run sequencing courses for new 
post-graduate students, give tutorials on laboratory techniques and 
periodically lecture on the progress of the facility to update present 
users and advertise the facility to potential new users.

	The facility is used by approximately 40 labs and deals with a variety 
of templates, including plasmids, PCR products, Lambda phage, cosmids 
and BAC'S. As a result of experimentation with sequencing methods and 
subsequent conditions of electrophoresis it is not uncommon to expect 
600bp or more from all of the above with 99% accuracy.

	The developmental component within my present job, i.e optimisation of 
existing methods and evaluation of new ones is what I enjoy most and I 
am therefore keen to further this aspect of my work.

	For a more detailed appraisal of my career history, please contact me 
at the address below or by e-mail. 
Laurence Hall,
School of Biological Sciences,
2.237 - Biomolecules,
Division of Biochemistry,
Stopford Building,
University of Manchester,
Oxford Rd,
Manchester M13 9PT,

Tel. : +44 (0)161 275 6916.                E-mail : 
LHALL at fs1.scg.man.ac.uk 
Fax		: +44 (0)161 5082.	

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