re Sequence Navigater

Bill Bill
Mon Jun 16 10:03:29 EST 1997

     Hi Karl,
     You could try the software called 'Seqpup', obtained from 
     the following site:
     his has numerous import and export functions. Be warned - it is 
     a little buggy.
     Bill Vallins
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     _________________________________ Subject: Q about ABI Sequnence 
     Author:  Karl.Schmid at at Internet-Europe Date:    
     Dear netters,
     does anybody of you have or know of a program that converts ABI 
     Sequence Navigator alignments in a format like NBRF, FASTA or NEXUS 
     and vice versa? If you know of such a program (preferably for the 
     Macintosh), please let me know.
     Thank you.
     Karl Schmid

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