General stuff.

Stuart Stuart
Wed Jun 18 11:49:41 EST 1997

Hello Everyone,

Just a few things...

1.  The new dRhodamine dyes from PE-ABI.  I've tried them and they work 
great...although I'm not sure about the small amount of DNA that can be 
used in a 
reaction (maybe really low levels of ultra-pure DNA in Foster City), but 
perhaps not 
in the 'real world'.

2.  What about people with 373a's?  Are you not just a little bit annoyed 
by not 
being able to use these dyes???  What are PE-ABI doing about this?

3.  I recently had an XL upgrade to one of my 377's (at no small cost) 
why is it 
that in about 30 gels (at 48 lanes each) I have to re-track EVERY LANE ON 
Talk about a weak point.  Can someone at PE-ABI write some decent 
tracking software?  
PLEASE??  My other 377 uses the older software as gets it correct about 
90% of the 
time.  Not bad for an 'old timer'!!!!!!!

Oh, and before I forget (let's call this point 4...) will everyone use 
the (possibly 
cheaper??) Amersham dye terminators if they don't want to/can't use the 
'new' PE-ABI 
dye kits?  How many poeple already use them?  I found NO difference 
between the kits ('old' ABI and Amersham) when used.  So will people go 
for a saving 
or better performance?

A bit of discussion if you please!


Stuart Bayliss,
Leicester University,
Leicester, UK.

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