Loading Combs for Sequencers

Phil Phil
Thu Jun 19 08:40:55 EST 1997

In article <5o98gv$2on at net.bio.net>,
	"Skip Vaught, Catalina Apostol, Brian Coullahan, and Mark writes:
> The porous comb sounds like a great idea, but I don't think it will work
> well for those of us using version 2 of ABI's analysis program. Because
> lane tracking is from the bottom - up, we are required to load lanes in a
> staggered fashion (odd numbered lanes- electrophorese- even numbered
> lanes).

Hmm, how about making combs with half as many lanes as usual, load the
first one and then load the second so that those lanes are in between the
first ones. Sounds complicated but it's actually very easy.

Is it possible to PCR in 384 well microtitre plates? If so, a comb which
you could just dip into the plate would be an excellent idea, although I'm
not sure how the spacing would work. 

If the lane finding software[1] is up to it, there is now reason why all
the lanes have to be equally spaced.

I might have to look into this myself. Sounds very promising....


[1] I prefer using Bass on a linux box to read gels. No problem with
tracking at all, and best of all it's free and not from ABI! :-)
I _think_ it can even handle 64 well loads, but I'm not sure about this.

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