Opening at the ABC for a Research Technician

Tony Tony
Tue Jun 24 10:58:06 EST 1997

Dear Sequencers,
We need at the Advanced Biotechnology Centre a Research Technician in
charge of running the 373 XL Stretch upgrade. We also have a 310 were we
do GeneScan, SSCP etc...

Training will be given if necessary and introduction to other pieces of
equipment, peptide synthesizer, capillary electrophoresis.

The salary will be on MLSO I or MLSO II scale depending on experience.

If you are interested contact me via e.mail at the address below. As a
subject put Research technician post (it helps to filter the incoming

Best regards


Dr. A. Tarragona
Scientific Manager
Honorary Lecturer
Advanced Biotechnology Centre
Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School
Room 5L.09, St. Dunstan's Road
London W6 8RF

Tel: 0181-846 1702
Fax: 0181-846 1055
e.mail: t.tarragona at

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