Loading Combs for Sequencers

Crepineau Crepineau
Tue Jun 24 08:21:17 EST 1997

It sounds very promising as it would be easier to load sample but I also
would be able to double the number of samples I could load on one gel,
thus doubling the production of data (according the size they use in the
article). Has any Vistra automatic sequencer user tried it?

Florent Crepineau

In article <5o98gv$2on at net.bio.net>, "Skip Vaught, Catalina Apostol, Brian
Coullahan, and Mark wrote:

> >Hi Everybody
> >
> >I posted a query at the end of last month about the use of a porous comb
> >for the rapid (and potentially very easy and painless) loading of
> >samples onto sequencing gels.
> >
> >As this development seems to be extremely relevant for automated
> >sequencing, I am amazed at the lack of discussion on the newsgroup, or
> >is everybody too busy using the combs to be able to read the newsgroup
> >and reply :-)
> >

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