DNA seq Anal V.3.0

Harold Harold
Mon Mar 17 13:29:21 EST 1997


At least twice we have encountered a glitch in the 3.0 software.  When
dragging lanes that were to the left or right of the gel image and putting
them over lanes that had no tracking lines, the software has failed to
renumber the lanes in the proper order.   One gel got reanalyzed with the
lanes number 01,02,10,11,12,13,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,14,15,16,etc.
Fortunately the samples belonged all to one person and a third analysis of
the gel with the lanes numbered in the correct order produced the 
results.  We were fortunate that the gel file had not been thrown away at
the time the researcher called to complain that his data did not make
sense.  On the other occassion the faulty numbering was caught before the
lanes were retracted.

Have other people encountered this problem and what was the solution?


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