Geneskipper experiences?

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>Subject: Geneskipper experiences?
>Date: 17 Mar 1997 06:15:58 -0800

>I am looking for experiences with Geneskipper to use with a Li-Cor
>automated sequencer.

>If anybody thinks it is a good tool, or if you would warn me about it,
>I would appreciate both.

Sadly I have no experience on GeneSkipper with Li-Cor files, but I 
have used it with both ALF and ABI files - both of which it handles 

GeneSkipper is one of the best assembly programs I have used (and I
have tried a legion). Altough for data volume & automation purposes 
we mainly use the Staden package on a Sun SPARC ourselves for assembly, 
we use GS for analysis. It is simply the nicest program I've seen for
check for ORFs etc. 

On some system set-ups GS seems to crash a bit too often, but since no 
data is usually lost, nor does it crash the computer, this is merely 
an annoyance. 

One major gripe is that we could not it get to read & save data reliably
over a Novell LAN-network for reasons unknown...

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