Mutation Detection with new dyes

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> Has anyone in the group used either the new ABI dye primers /terminators
> or the Amersham dye primers for mutation detection methods.  I'm
> interested in hearing if these new dyes are as good as they're made out.
> Any information will be posted back to the group.
> Email:
> JKD at
> Thanks in advance
> Jo Daniels
 I just tried using them for screening a gene for an autosomal dominant 
disease I'm working on. I was very pleasantly surprised by the dye 
kit that just came out. Before, I would receive a slight "G" signal 
inside my 
"A" and that has completely disappeared. Also, the peak heights are very 
compared to peak heights from the previous dye terminator kit.
	Hope that helps,

	Lynne Mullen

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