PC-based DNA analysis programs

Nora Nora
Wed Sep 10 14:27:08 EST 1997

My employer has made the decision to simplify corporate computing
support by converting all users of Macintosh computers to an Intel
platform running Windows NT 4.0.  This will present some difficulties
for our molecular biology group since we use only Sequencher for the
analysis of our sequence data, and GeneCodes has no plans to ever write
comparable software for PC's (I called and asked). I have read the many
testimonials to Sequencher posted to this newsgroup and I agree with
them. I have noted the dearth of information about other programs.  Does
anyone have experience with PC-based analysis programs that are capable
of complete analysis of sequence data in the manner of Sequencher?  I
believe DNAStar comes in a PC version.  How well does it work?  Do I
have any other options?  I will be ordering demos for our group to
evaluate, and would appreciate input from all of you pros. 

Nora Below

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