Genescan on PowerPC

Flemming Flemming
Thu Sep 25 11:14:15 EST 1997

Helene, Bach, hbach at wrote:

> I think this has been answered before, but is there any way to run
> Genescan software on a PowerPC ?  ABI says they have a fix but if I
> recall correctly, it doesn't work.

> Steve Carleton

   In my lab we are currently using a PowerMac to analyse sequence and
genotyping data collected on an ABI 373. The data are collected on an
68K Mac and transferred by an Ether net to a PowerMac where data are
analysed. But be aware that your 68K Sequence Analysis/GeneScan software
can not run on a PowerMac because it requires a math co-processor - so
you need to upgrade your analysis software to PowerMac version but you
do not need to upgrade your collect software- it stills run on a 68K

The "fix" from PE could be a software emulation of a math coprocessor -
but it does not work!



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